2016 Leading 50 Ally Executives

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Marc Benioff


As Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Salesforce Marc believes that businesses are the greatest platforms for change in the world and should stand up for their stakeholders. Salesforce is the fastest growing top 10 software company, joining the Fortune 500 last year and has been recognised as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies six years in a row by Forbes Magazine. In 2015, Marc took a stand on behalf of Salesforce employees in opposition of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). Due in large part to Salesforce’s involvement, the law was amended to explicitly prohibit discrimination against the LGBTQ community. In 2016, Salesforce again took a public stand against discriminatory legislation in Georgia (HB 757) and North Carolina (HB 2). Georgia’s governor ultimately vetoed HB 757, and Salesforce is still working to help overturn the HB 2 law in North Carolina. Marc is also a strong supporter of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and its efforts to involve businesses in the fight for equality. On behalf of Salesforce, Marc signed the HRC’s “Equality is Our Business” pledge for businesses, and has encouraged other CEOs to do the same. Under Marc’s leadership, Salesforce also joined a business coalition in support of the Equality Act–a bill that seeks to add explicit protections against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity to U.S. federal law.

Mark Zuckerberg

Founder & CEO

With Mark at the helm, Facebook supports the LGBTQ community through their products, policies and benefits to their employees. In the last year Facebook taken new steps towards LGBT equality, including being the first major company to release the percentage of US-based employees who identify as LGBTQ in a voluntary survey. Their commitment and support of the LGBTQ community has been unwavering: they regularly receive a perfect score for the Human Right Campaign Corporate Equality Index, participate in over 16 pride celebrations around the world and build products, like their custom gender tool, to empower the LGBTQ community. In addition to the work done through Facebook, Mark has supported LGBTQ causes in his personal life. This year Mark was one of the first private sector leaders to comment on the tragedy in Orlando and he regularly posts on Facebook about LGBTQ issues such as Pride month. He also signed a letter to North Carolina Governor Pat McCroy denouncing HB2, legislation which repealed local non-discrimination ordinances in the state and requires transgender people to use public bathrooms inconsistent with their gender identity.

Andrew Liveris

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Dow Chemical Company

As Chairman and CEO Andrew leads by example in Dow’s advocacy and drive for equality even in countries that do not provide the protections for LGBTQ individuals. In his first full year as CEO, he was proud to lead Dow to its first 100% rating from HRC’s corporate equality index, a distinction he has helped maintain for 11 consecutive years. His leadership of inclusion by example has earned Dow numerous honours and recognitions in the past year including; the Victory Fund Corporate Ally Award for Dow’s work in standing up to anti-LGBTQ legislation and creating a welcoming workplace for all and Andrew acting as a leading voice for LGBTQ equality at the 2016 World Economic Forum, including the CEO Roundtable hosted by Vice President, Joe Biden and the Human Rights Campaign on workplace equality. Andrew has also spoken out against legislation in Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas and West Virginia and endorsed the amicus brief supporting the U.S. Department of Justice case against North Carolina’s HB2.

Julie Shirley

Managing Director, Asia Pacific Business Operations
Credit Suisse

A senior female managing director and banking professional, Julie has been a formidable advocate for diversity and inclusion throughout her 25-year career. While in Hong Kong, Julie founded and chaired a highly visible LGBT network for Credit Suisse, securing senior leadership engagement and sponsorship to drive LGBT inclusion at the bank. She led the bank’s participation in the Community Business inaugural LGBT Inclusion Index survey, and launched a hugely successful LGBT Ally program at Credit Suisse in Hong Kong. Julie continuously drives employee education, awareness and engagement on LGBT issues through internal communications, her support of public events and hosting in-house LGBT inclusion and ally training workshops. She was also a leader within the Hong Kong banking community for collaboration on matters that impact same sex partnerships in the city. Additionally, Julie leads Credit Suisse’s relationship with various external organizations in Hong Kong including, Pink Dot, Pink Catalyst, Hong Kong Pride Parade, Out Leadership Summit, Hong Kong Interbank Forum and the Diversity & Inclusion in Asia Network (DIAN) conference. In the 2016 Community Business LGBT Inclusion Awards 2016, Julie was named the 2016 Hong Kong LGBT Ally, and Credit Suisse Hong Kong was ranked Top 3 in the LGBT Workplace Inclusion award.

Paul Polman

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of Unilever, fostering an environment where each individual feels uniquely valued and free to bring their whole selves to work is among Paul’s highest priorities. Under his leadership the Unilever approach to provide support to LGBT people is centred on the following pillars: Respect as part of their DNA, Inclusive Policies, Networks as catalyst for change and the celebration of Pride month all around the world. In the US, Unilever achieved 100% on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index again in 2016 and in the UK, they are active members of Stonewall and OUTstanding. They also amplify their impact with inclusive Brands and status quo challenging ad campaigns including: Ben & Jerry’s support for marriage equality for gays and lesbians everywhere, Magnum’s “Be True to Your pleasure” (with rainbow ice cream creative ad) and Dove Men: Featuring two fathers embracing.

Jes Staley

Group Chief Executive Officer

At Barclays, they have a clear ambition to be a firm that takes a leading role on LGBT issues. Under Jes’ leadership they have worked hard to make sure that the initiatives and activities they support are ones that their employees think will make a difference; whether that is updating their employee handbook in the US to remove gender pronouns or developing a more comprehensive transgender policy for the business. This year they launched the Global Allies programme which has meant that they now have over 7,000 LGBT champions globally at every level of the business. They are also open in their support for bold legislative change; they publicly supported the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) and Marriage Equality in the United States, and were the first financial services business in the U.S to introduce benefit equalisation for same-sex couples. Jes has also reiterated his support for Barclays’ staff in countries where the environment is not as tolerant towards the LGBT community, recently sharing a message in support of Barclays’ colleagues in Singapore following the government’s call for multinationals to not support Pink Dot events and initiated Barclays’ sponsorship of OutNext, a conference for emerging LGBT leaders across financial services, legal and insurance industries.

Karin Cook

Group Director, Operations
Lloyds Banking Group

Karin’s influence, seniority and personal sponsorship was the driving force behind the Group’s move to ensure that their UK Private Medical Benefit was fully inclusive of gender dysphoria, becoming the first UK owned organisation to do this. She has pioneered Group-wide communications and events around LGBT Awareness days, ensuring flags were hung across 35 Group sites and personally speaking at events. Karin is committed to ensuring the Group is seen as an LGBT employer of choice; she has held listening sessions with LGBT colleagues at all levels in the organisation, has given speeches including keynotes at various Stonewall events across the UK and has given interviews on LGBT inclusion to Pink News & Gay Star News. Karin was also announced as Stonewall’s Senior Champion for 2016.

Peter Grauer

Bloomberg LP

Peter has been the leading force and champion of diversity and inclusion efforts at Bloomberg. He supported the formation of an LGBT employee network and has listened carefully to the needs and concerns of LGBT employees; he has held focus groups and lunches to understand the challenges faced by staff and was instrumental in gaining equal benefits for all LGBT employees and partners. He has sat on internal panels discussing the need for safe working spaces for LGBT employees and is the senior and most vocal active ally for the network. He has also contributed to and taken part in employee videos promoting the idea of bringing of your full self to work. Peter is a member of the Advisory Board for OUT Leadership and has spoken at key external events on LGBT issues and was the sponsoring executive for 2 Amicus briefs that Bloomberg submitted to the US supreme Courts on LGBT marriage.

Hannah Grove

Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
State Street

Hannah has served for the past seven years as executive sponsor of State Street Global Pride and Friends employee resource group, helping globalise the network which now has active chapters all over the world, including; the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Australia, Hong Kong and mainland China. In 2016 she supported the launch of a global Ally initiative across State Street. She leads town halls and speaks at Pride events globally to champion diversity and drive greater awareness. With Hannah’s support, State Street is a member of and contributes data to Stonewall, HRC, Out on the Street and Out and Equal, and has been an active supporter from a regulatory and policy perspective of equal marriage and transgender rights globally. Hannah recently completed a seven-year term as board member and board president of the Women’s Lunch Place – one of the few homeless shelters in North America that recognises transgender people who identify as female.

Harry van Dorenmalen

General Manager BeNeLux, Country General Manager IBM Netherlands

As the European Executive Sponsor for the IBM LGBT Business Resource Group (BRG), and the local Executive Sponsor for the IBM BeNeLux LGBT BRG, Harry takes a very personal approach as a strong believer that personal relationships are important in creating more awareness and acceptance. He runs quarterly touch points with the business resource group, and uses his experience to help the team navigate the organisation and in the LGBT networks externally. Harry sponsors and presents at quarterly Diversity & Inclusion calls and mentors and coaches young LGBT talent. He regularly speaks about IBM’s priorities supporting Diversity and LGBT inclusion at LGBT events both large and small, including Out & Equal in Baltimore 2012, Workplace Pride Benchmark Awards keynote speech 2015, and Prout@Work in Germany, October 2016.

Jim Cowles

CEO, Europe, Middle East and Africa

Jim is a true believer of leading by example and is always visible in his support for LGBT colleagues, keeping his communications consistent and true to his beliefs on inclusion, regardless of the global location and even wearing a Pride T-shirt in Town Halls across Europe. He has supported the creation and promotion of a range of employee networks, including the LGBT network, and has championed senior manager diversity training. Furthermore, he has supported the creation and adoption of more inclusive policies across Citi, such as shared parental leave, as well as the introduction of inclusive bathrooms on all floors of their Canary Wharf offices. Jim has been a vocal champion of the adoption of a diverse slate recruitment process and the implementation of a self-identification programme in support of that. Under Jim’s leadership, Citi is a founding member of the Stonewall Global Diversity Champions Group, the Inside and Out Banking Recruitment Event and a sponsor of the London Pride Parade and headline sponsor of its Gala dinner.

Greg Case

President and CEO

As President and CEO, Greg is committed to driving an inclusive culture where colleagues can bring their whole selves to work. They have invested heavily in training programmes for leaders, they cover Diversity & Inclusion in all their induction sessions and regularly host events and programmes for internal colleagues and external clients to support LGBT activities. Historically, Greg introduced the company’s ‘Safe Space Programme’, and has led Aon in numerous diversity initiatives, including sponsoring the Gay Games in Chicago, writing a public letter of support for Gay Marriage referendum in Illinois, which was published in the Chicago Sun Times and sponsoring the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Aon is a Stonewall Diversity Champion, we are a member of OUTstanding and we have achieved a 100% score in the Human Rights Council’s Corporate Responsibility Index for the past eight years. In the UK they have sponsored and hosted some high profile events in 2016 including the Stonewall WEI launch, and Philanthropy Impact’s event for LGBT investment as well as globally we are hosting events for the Dive In festival.

Howard Ungerleider

Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer
Dow Chemical Company

As executive sponsor of Dow’s LGBTQ and ally employee resource group for more than a decade, Howard has led significant progress in Dow’s company culture, practice and policy – aligned directly to the strategic plan elements established within Dow’s LGBTQ Employee Resource Group. He has led from the top, inspiring more than 50 percent of Dow’s global leaders to participate in Dow’s LGBT ERG and has driven expansion of GLAD outside the U.S. for the first time, resulting in active GLAD chapters on every continent. He was recognised for his commitment and significant contributions to advancing workplace equality with the Out & Equal Workplace Advocates Champion Award in 2015. He also personally supports several groups in Dow communities, including the Attic Youth Center in Philadelphia and under his guidance, Dow continues to be an active member of numerous national and international LGBTQ NGOs and other leading organisations, including the Human Rights Campaign; Out & Equal Workplace Advocates; Freedom to Work; Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute; National Gay & Lesbian Task Force; PFLAG; and GLAAD.

Michael Cole-Fontayn

Executive Vice President, Chairman of Europe, Middle East and Africa
BNY Mellon

Michael’s commitment to empowering LGBT individuals within BNY Mellon has led to increased focus across the region. BNY Mellon’s Wroclaw office recently launched EMEA’s newest LGBTQA Employee Resource Group chapter by hosting a panel discussion focusing on the business case for diversity and inclusion. He has brought wide-ranging knowledge and distinct insights on LGBT inclusion in the workplace to ensure employees across industries and regions succeed. In 2016, Michael co-hosted the launch of a ground-breaking study that BNY Mellon co-sponsored, “Out in the World: Securing LGBT Rights in the Global Marketplace”, which maps opportunities for pro-LGBT companies operating in anti-LGBT markets. Michael also demonstrates himself as an ally by helping empower LGBT employees through networking and professional development opportunities facilitated with LGBT organisations across the region. Michael’s advocacy reflects BNY Mellon’s investment in developing a highly engaged inclusive workforce that powers the success of the company.

Andy Maguire

Group Chief Operating Officer

Andy regularly visits HSBC’s business centres around the world, and talks openly about LGBT matters with large audiences in countries that are both religiously and culturally sensitive such as Poland and India. He also raises LGBT matters and defends budgets on behalf of the LGBT community within the workplace as well as overseeing and championing the election of LGBT members to senior roles; acting as a sponsor and supporter. Outside the workplace he frequently speaks candidly at LGBT conferences.

Steve Varley


Steve visibly leads the diversity and inclusiveness agenda for EY, both in UK and Ireland and as a member of the Global Steering Group. LGBT is at the heart of this agenda and he has provided the Unity network with the opportunity to run an LGBT reverse mentoring session at a meeting of the full leadership team, giving senior leaders a real opportunity to learn from the experiences of junior LGBT people. Under his watch EY have achieved Stonewall Star Performer status and are lead sponsors of the Stonewall Workplace Equality Conferences, with Steve ensuring EY are a strong voice supporting all their campaigns. A priority this year has been to strengthen the LGBT voice in the UK regions and Ireland, working with the EY partners in Ireland and GLEN and TENI in Ireland to provide a business voice supporting the wider community and being headline sponsor of Dublin Pride. In the UK, Steve is a strong supporter of not only National Student Pride, but also the Stonewall Workplace Conferences in London, Leeds, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

Chris Grigg

British Land

Diversity has long been a subject that has not been addressed by the property industry, but Chris has been clear in his messaging to the British Land staff; they need to do more to promote all forms of diversity and that any discrimination or prejudice will not be tolerated. Last year he sponsored the formation of BL Pride and over 50% of the company are now members of the network and they marched in the London Pride Parade for the first time this year. Under Chris’ leadership they promote LGBT inclusion internally with presentations at staff meetings, events and communications celebrating LGBT history month, IDAHOT day and Pride month and via their corporate sponsorship of the Albert Kennedy Trust. Chris has also participated in industry panels on diversity helping to raise awareness of the importance of creating an inclusive and diverse property industry; a topic which he also frequently covers in his blog.

Eileen Taylor

Global Head of Regulatory Management
Deutsche Bank

Eileen is an active participant in the DB dbPride allies programme, attending and sponsoring events, coaching the network chair on strategy and removing obstacles. She is the Chair of the UK Diversity Council where she appointed, for the first time, the Chair of the dbPride network to the Council to provide senior support and visibility to the network. She has supported a member of staff through gender transition and implemented guidelines for transitioning employees for HR, managers and the employees themselves. She regularly meets with network members and gets involved in activities outside of the UK, including speaking at DB’s IDAHOT day event in Singapore earlier this year. She has also been an OUTstanding mentor since the inception of the scheme and regularly hosts and speaks at OUTstanding events, sharing observations and best practice.

Noel Quinn

Group Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer Global Commercial Banking

As a global executive sponsor for diversity and inclusion at HSBC, Noel is a visible and vocal advocate of inclusive leadership. He sees his role as setting the right tone, creating dialogue and setting an example for leaders and colleagues around the world and earlier this year, he was interviewed by OUTstanding about the role of executive sponsors. As executive sponsor for the LGBT employee network in Asia Pacific, Noel gave sponsorship and support to their employee-led group, clearing a path for them to engage employees on LGBT equality, produce an LGBT Ally guide, and get involved in Pride and Pink Dot celebrations. In 2016, Noel was the global sponsor and spokesperson for HSBC Pride and is scheduled to speak at the OUTLeadership Europe Summit. Noel also played a key role in sponsoring the transformation of HSBC Hong Kong’s iconic Main Building into a 200 metre rainbow tower in 2015 and 2016, which has since been replicated in HSBC buildings around the world.

Ed Carolan

President, Campbell Fresh
Campbell Soup Company

Ed assumed the role of Executive Sponsor of OPEN in July 2015 and during his tenure, has shown himself to be an authentic leader and ally for their LGBT and ally employees and has helped the network to earn its seventh perfect score on the HRC Foundation’s annual Corporate Equality Index. Ed has utilised his visibility to demonstrate that being an ally provides real value and meaning to employees, leveraging his naturally inclusive and down-to-earth leadership style, he continues to inspire and engage the network leaders and broader employee base to action. In 2016, he helped oversee the expansion of Campbell’s brand sponsorship of the Pride Parade in New York City and Pride Parade and Festival in Philadelphia, with the addition of V8. Additionally, Ed attended the 2015 Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Annual Philadelphia Recognition Celebration in honour of the region’s corporate partner achievement

Jenny Dearborn

Senior Vice President and Chief Learning Officer

As Global Executive Sponsor for SAP’s LGBT employee network, Jenny has worked to raise awareness company-wide for diversity and inclusion. She has blogged on the topic, presented SAP’s commitment to LGBT diversity and inclusion at a session on “The Importance of Being Yourself at Work,” and for the past two years was Grand Marshall for the San Francisco Pride parade, which drew nearly 500 SAP employees. In 2016 she presented at the Lesbians Who Tech Summit which SAP has sponsored for three consecutive years. Her support contributed to SAP’s achieving a perfect score for the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index and she leverages her network to promote this achievement.

Iain Conn

Group Chief Executive Officer
Centrica plc

At both his current organisation Centrica PLC and previously at BP plc he has helped to set the right tone on all aspects of D&I, including the goals of ensuring a diverse workforce, an inclusive culture and fully meritocratic processes. He has spoken about D&I and the LGBT agenda openly, and in Centrica has appointed one of its most high profile LGBT leaders into a very senior position and encouraged him to engage with OUTstanding. He has been a sponsor and mentor of LGBT individuals within his organisations, helping to develop their confidence and authenticity. Externally he is supportive of the LGBT community and under his sponsorship Centrica is now working with OUTstanding to improve the understanding of LGBT+ issues throughout the most senior levels in Centrica.

Paul Geddes

Direct Line Group

Direct Line Group has a stated aim to work towards an environment based on meritocracy and inclusion, where every employee can achieve their full potential, whatever their characteristics. Paul actively supports their multi-strand Diversity Network Alliance and continues to build visibility throughout the business and externally. Under his leadership, the team had a branded presence at various Pride events and places articles on the Direct Line intranet and discussions on other internal platforms covering many LGBT+ issues, underlining their status as an inclusive employer. Paul is deputy chairman of the Association of British Insurers Board and plays a key role in managing the firm’s relationship with OUTstanding.

Richard Kirkman

Technical Director

In 2014, Richard was appointed board LGBT champion for Veolia and has since reached out to LGBT+ and allies in the UK and Ireland business of 14,000 people to better understand how Veolia can be a more inclusive employer. He has identified volunteers within the business from director, to operator level in order to discuss and prioritise key actions on LGBT inclusivity. As a result, Veolia changed its job application information to illustrate that they recognise the positive value of diversity, promote equality and challenge discrimination. Veolia are active members of OUTstanding with Richard leading the relationship and sitting on the membership committee. He personally hosted a C-suite meeting for LGBT Allies at Veolia’s London office with Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever, and is a mentor on the OUTstanding mentoring scheme.

Dino Trevisani

President, IBM Canada

Dino is a champion and vocal advocate for the LGBT community in all aspects of his life and, as President of IBM Canada, is fully committed to driving inclusion forward in the workplace. He recently led IBM Canada’s support for sex reassignment surgery benefits for all employees, with IBM Canada becoming the first to support this extended coverage outside of the USA. He recently participated in a global film made by their IBM LGBT community in connection with the “Holding Hands 4 Equality” campaign. He was also the executive sponsor and personally invested in the “Here4U” app that helps youth in need. Over the past year, he has been invited to many LGBT business events and has had the opportunity to share his personal journey as an ally, and has co-hosted an event with Catalyst and The Economist, where he welcomed 100 IBM clients for a discussion on the cost of LGBT discrimination and how inclusion is good for business. Most recently, he has been invited to attend Deloitte’s invite-only Leaders To Be Proud Of Awards in recognition of his commitment to LGBT inclusion.

Sharon Thorne

Managing Partner Global Markets
Deloitte UK

In 2007, when Sharon was the partner responsible for Talent on the Deloitte UK Executive, she established the firm’s diversity networks, including the LGBT network (GLOBE). She is now GLOBE’s Executive Sponsor, providing the network with a link to the firm’s Executive and senior support for critical network initiatives such as the launch of the Deloitte Allies programme. Sharon has recently been focusing on encouraging better LGBT inclusion throughout Deloitte’s global network, and in the last year the firm has seen formal networks established in Germany, Netherlands and Ireland. She acts as a mentor to a number of LGBT people and has spoken at a number of significant LGBT events including the Out & Equal LGBT Workplace Summit.

Estelle Brachlianoff

Senior Executive Vice-President
Veolia UK and Ireland

Estelle believes that ensuring that Veolia has the best employees regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality or disability is key to the successful delivery of their strategy. She is the executive sponsor for Veolia’s Global Diversity Network and hosts online debates and discussion around best practices in Diversity. Veolia is a member of OUTstanding and through the partnership she has personally gained real insight into the E&I challenges they face. She has also been a guest speaker on Equality and Inclusion in the workplace at various forums, including the French Chamber of Commerce, and externally is involved in a number of networks and round table discussions that promote gender balance in the workplace.

Rhian-Mari Thomas

Managing Director

Rhian is currently the senior co-sponsor of Barclays LGBT network, Spectrum and sits on Barclaycard’s Diversity Council, where she is a highly visible and vocal sponsor of Barclays’ efforts to support LGBT inclusion. She speaks at LGBT events, fundraises at LGBT charity events and focuses on involving senior leaders and allies who are new to supporting LGBT issues. Her longstanding support for diversity and inclusion at Barclays was recognised when she was awarded the prestigious Barclays Woman of the Year award in 2014/2015. Rhian is also Chair of OUTstanding’s Programmes Committee and a strong supporter of OUTstanding in its efforts.

Harry Odenhoven

Group Director Customer Experience and Operations

Harry is the Global Executive Sponsor for LGBT across Vodafone and passionately believes that leaders are key to creating the conditions for individuals and teams to be at their best. He is committed to improving the experience of many individuals coming out, and in the last year has travelled to many countries and met with LGBT network members to understand their experiences. He led a global LGBT & Friends webinar in June, which was attended by over 1,000 employees worldwide and has worked with local leaders to establish local LGBT plans, ensuring teams have the right level of local support to make progress. Harry has also established a network of 15 senior leaders from across the globe to drive LGBT inclusion locally, and worked with OUTstanding in providing training to the executive sponsors. He has completed the Stonewall Ally programme and earlier this year sponsored and participated in a Reverse Mentoring Programme for LGBT and ally leaders.

Sarah Morris

Chief People Officer

Under Sarah’s leadership, Aviva is making a step change to become unmistakably authentic in its approach to diversity. She has developed their D&I strategy and consistently champions and speaks up about the value of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Sarah played a key role in launching the Allies of Aviva Pride network. She also instigated a review of family friendly policies to include the way in which they enable those who identify as transgender to bring their whole selves to work, combined with actively reviewing medical coverage for transgender medical provisions. Aviva is currently the only insurer in Stonewall’s ranking of the UK’s most LGBT friendly workplaces and is currently working with OUTstanding to enable development and connect them to peers across other industries.

Martin Egan

Global Head of Origination and Primary Markets
BNP Paribas

As a senior sponsor for the Pride Network, Martin has been instrumental in raising the profile of the LGBT diversity agenda. He works tirelessly to change the perception of Banking as a difficult place to work for LGBT staff. He is an internal role model and most recently played a leading role in the first ever Pride Week. He supports all of their events and involves his own family as well, including leading BNPP’s first ever participation in London Pride 2016. Martin regularly hosts events internally in his position as senior sponsor for Pride and supports Diversity Role Models and the LBWomen initiative.

Dan Klein

General Manager, OEM Operations
Microsoft Ireland

As Executive Sponsor for Microsoft Ireland’s Diversity & Inclusion Council, Dan supports the creation and promotion of a range of employee networks across several diversity areas, including gender, accessibility, cultural, generational and LGBT. His leadership has helped set the tone for LGBT inclusion by championing and promoting various awareness raising campaigns such as marriage equality awareness and transgender inclusion for managers. Since taking on the role, he has created spotlight opportunities resulting in a number of “firsts”: Microsoft Ireland being recognised as one of the top three LGBT Best Places to Work in Ireland; his selection as business leader for Microsoft Ireland LGBT GradIreland recruitment guide; first-ever Microsoft finalist for Company of the Year at Galas Ireland; and as finalist for LGBT Senior Leader of the Year for the 2016 Workplace Equality Index Awards. Externally, Dan is a member of the Gay & Lesbian Equality Network (GLEN) supports BelonG To, The Human Rights Commission, Connecting Women in Technology, and the 30% Club.

Georgina Philippou

Chief Operating Officer
Financial Conduct Authority

Georgina encourages LGBT inclusion at both a strategic and an every-day level. At a strategic level, she works with Corporate Responsibility, HR teams and the Executive Diversity Committee to ensure that as an organisation they have the right approach to D&I and have the structures in place to ensure that this strategy is not just a piece of paper; they have training and network groups and listen and act on feedback. On a day to day level, she ensures that her interactions, conversations and behaviours support diversity and inclusion and she calls out any behaviour which doesn’t. She is a frequent supporter of Pride and is working with OUTstanding.

Marty Rodgers

Managing Director of Metro Washington DC and Nonprofit Group Executive

Marty is a strong ally for the LGBTQ community, supporting both the national and local LGBTQ employee resource groups in Metro Washington, DC. He is an active sponsor of a number of LGBTQ skills-based volunteering activities in DC and champions inclusion and diversity internally as a trainer for their Leading a Diverse Workforce course on unconscious bias. Every year, he helps host the annual HRC national dinner and events in DC; sponsoring their work at Out & Equal a few years ago; advancing their Reach Out recruiting efforts; promoting joint LGBTQ networking with their UN client at OUTright International. He has also represented Accenture at multiple external events, coalitions and task forces including the White House and several foundation efforts.

Mark Barnett

President, United Kingdom & Ireland

As Executive sponsor of PRIDE, MasterCard’s internal LBGT network, Mark’s role is to champion the group, provide senior-level endorsement of its initiatives and guide its development. As part of this support he has looked for ways to promote the ‘Acceptance Matters’ hashtag used by PRIDE within MasterCard, including the creation of security badge lanyards for all employees in London and Dublin, printed with the hashtag. In line with National Coming Out Day, he fully supported and helped host their annual event in both 2015 and 2016. Outside of the workplace he used 2016’s Pride Parade as an opportunity to raise awareness of the change they are looking to achieve. He has also utilised MasterCard’s sponsorship links with West End Live, helping to engage cast members of Kinky Boots to take part in their pre-Pride Parade activity to encourage participation.

Matt Elliott

People Director
Virgin Money

Matt takes responsibility for developing and delivering Virgin Money’s “100% You At Work” approach, which aims to enhance VM as a place to work for all ‘minority’ groups. Under his leadership Virgin Money ensures that the communities they hire from are aware of their commitment to inclusion and have therefore provided sponsorship and support to Newcastle, Norwich, Edinburgh and Glasgow Pride events. He acts as a role model within the company, mentoring and supporting events with OUTstanding and Stonewall and delivering Unconscious Bias training to all senior leaders. As well as being an active attendee at OUTstanding’s executive events, Matt has acted as a moderator for events and has spoken at the BAE Systems LGBT conference on the role and importance of allies.

Danny Harmer

Chief People Officer
Metro Bank plc

As Chief People Officer, Danny heads up the revolutionary high street bank’s HR function, and is responsible for creating a unique environment that supports colleagues, nurtures talent and inspires innovation. Colleagues are not just hired for attitude and trained for skill, but are encouraged to be all they can be, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or race. The very fabric of Metro Bank is geared to acceptance, and earlier this year the bank launched its first network for LGBT+ colleagues – MPride, with Danny as the group’s straight ally as well as being appointed its exec sponsor. From day one, Danny has provided help and guidance with not just launching the group, but supporting MPride events, getting exec buy-in and creating a truly open and accepting atmosphere among all colleagues. Her zesty approach and commitment to creating a welcoming and transparent culture, allows colleagues to feel confident to be completely themselves at work. This ethos isn’t confined just internally, but plays through to creating a warm and open environment for the leading challenger banks’ growing fan base too.

Peter Harrison

Group Chief Executive Officer

Peter became Group CEO in April 2016 and immediately positioned D&I as a top agenda item across the firm. He produced a video looking at ‘What does Diversity of Thought mean to Schroders?’ which covers LGBT+ as well as wider diversity focus. He has also launched a diversity profile campaign to better understand Schroders’ LGBT+ population, and supported the creation and resource approval for an internal LGBT+ employee network. Peter is the firm’s Senior Champion for D&I and has approved the development of a brand new transgender/non-binary policy. He led the charge for Schroders to become the first asset manager to sign up for membership with OUTstanding and is working closely with them to engage with LGBT+ community going forward.

Heidi McCormack

Emerald Life

Insurance provider, Emerald Life launched in April 2016 and has quickly established itself as a leader in LGBT equality and inclusion. As part of launching Emerald, they developed and rolled out bespoke LGBT training for the call centre and claims handling teams and in partnership with the Albert Kennedy Trust, they offer a three month internship for young LGBT adults providing both work skills and most importantly the experience of bringing one’s whole self to work in an LGBT organisation. Heidi is a frequent speaker on panels and radio regarding awareness of the LGBT customer journey and experience in insurance and financial services. She is also a trained Diversity Role Model and has led Emerald to sponsor a Stonewall conference for younger LGBT people becoming role models.

Jim Herbert

Chief Development Officer EMEA

Creating an environment where colleagues can be ‘authentic’ without fear of discrimination or disadvantage is something about which Jim feels enormously passionate. Over the last 12 months he has continued to sponsor the LGBT group leading to increased membership, the establishment of new groups outside of London and raising the profile of LGBT inclusion in their UK and European operations. Aon have arranged and hosted the ‘LGBT in Sport’ event in this period and Jim has also become the LGBT sponsor for the company across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Jim has been a strong supporter in Aon developing the first UK corporate Private Medical Insurance package to include Trans-gender support. Additionally Jim is currently participating as a mentor on the OUTstanding mentoring scheme.

Andy Milnes

BPs Integrated Supply & Trading Eastern Hemisphere

Andy looks after the supply and trading business of BP which includes oil, gas, chemicals, carbon and finance trading business for the Eastern Hemisphere, covering the Middle East, Southern & East Africa, Australia, India, South East Asia and China. Andy has nearly 25 years of experience in the energy industry. It is Andy’s role as senior leader in BP to foster inclusiveness; it is his direct responsibility to attract, motivate, develop and retain the best diverse talent the world offers, and this includes LGBT individuals from the communities BP operates in. Under his leadership BP Singapore has started an open dialogue around LGBT topics in the organisation, ensuring every individual feels empowered to freely express themselves when it comes to LGBT topic: creating a safe space in Singapore. Andy is the pioneering executive sponsor of BP Pride Asia Pacific and an advocate and supporter of the ‘Safe Space’ programme. Andy has also endorsed BP’s affiliation with InterEnergy, led BP’s sponsorship of Pink Dot since 2014 and regularly speaks on BP’s D&I ambition at external conferences and events.

Janine Chidlow

Managing Director EMEA & AMER
Resource Solutions

As a passionate LGBT ally, four years ago Janine formed Resource Solutions’ Diversity Committee, of which she is the Executive Sponsor. Janine works to create a fair and inclusive workplace for the LGBT community, giving people the right support regardless of their sexual orientation and ensures their D&I principles communicated to the organisation’s disparate workforce globally. Under Janine’s leadership, Resource Solutions partners with their clients, who are mainly large blue chip organisations, to encourage LGBT inclusive initiatives within their recruitment strategies. Janine hosted OUTstanding’s first Executive Sponsor Session to help other organisations understand how they can better work with their HR teams to create inclusive environments for everyone.

Annette King

Ogilvy & Mather Group UK

Under Annette’s leadership, Ogilvy has recently relaunched its high profile LGBTQ employee network Ogilvy Pride, with a focus on engaging the internal LGBTQ community as well as working with clients to promote inclusivity in communications. Annette has led on several internal events over the past year, including a networking event during PRIDE week to celebrate diversity in the workplace, hosting an event with Opening Doors and producing a live one hour Ogilvy PRIDE radio show with a live audience at the agency, which was broadcast both internally and externally. Additionally, Ogilvy were a main sponsor and participated in The Economist’s “Pride and Prejudice” event, an active member of Stonewall and take part in Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index.

Jean Mouton

Senior Partner and Managing Director
Boston Consulting Group

Jean has been a supporter of BCG’s LGBT network since its foundation in 1997. He was one of the first company-wide LGBT allies at BCG and one of the initial members of the newly established Trans*-ally programme. As an accomplished Senior Partner coming from a conservative and traditional background he was aware that ‘coming out’ publicly as an ally has a significant signalling effect for all employees – not just the LGBT ones – and has leveraged his position to convince at least one Senior Partner to ‘come out’ as an ally in every European office to demonstrate BCG’s support for the LGBT community. He has constantly supported the firm-wide adoption of LGBT inclusive policies and ensured the network has the financial means to fulfil its mission. He also supports the Out in Business Club at London Business School and has committed BCG as Lead Sponsor to the 2016 EurOUT conference, where he will feature as keynote speaker at this year’s event.

“JT” John Tomovcsik

Executive Vice President & General Manager
Iron Mountain

John has served as the co-Executive Sponsor for Iron Mountain’s LGBTA@IM Employee Resource Group since its inception in September 2015. As one of the company’s most visible LGBT allies, he is leading the upcoming “I’m an Ally” campaign, which intends to provide Ally Mountaineers with an opportunity to show support for Iron Mountain LGBT employees and reinforce that they should feel comfortable bringing their full selves to work every day. This year, he has supported Iron Mountain joining a number of business coalitions advocating LGBT equality, including Georgia Prospers, which opposed the discriminatory bill that the state legislation had drafted; the Businesses for Freedom coalition, which supported the Massachusetts bill that provides anti-discrimination protections to people who are transgender; a pledge supporting a bill offering LGBT Pennsylvanians and their families protection from discrimination in employment and housing; and the Washington Won’t Discriminate coalition to fight the possible repeal of non-discrimination protections for transgender Washingtonians.

Matthew Layton

Managing Partner
Clifford Chance

Matthew positioned the Firm’s global LGBT Allies programme as a leadership imperative for members of the global Executive Leadership Group, gaining full support across all of their regions. He communicated a strong diversity message to the network of 35 offices when launching the Allies programme and also in demonstrating solidarity and support on receiving news of the Orlando shootings. He has continued to support the global developments of the LGBT network, through local launches in more challenging jurisdictions and by being the first to get involved in their ‘reverse mentoring’ initiative. He also took a leading role in hosting the Out Leadership European Summit last September, providing the closing remarks to a room full of C-suite executives.

Laurence Bret-Stern

Senior Director, Marketing

As a LinkedIn global leader, Laurence is always conscious that she will be seen as a role model and that her behaviours and decisions will influence other employees and the company culture. It is with this in mind that she is sure to take any opportunity she has to explain why individuals, communities, businesses should value diversity and encourage inclusion and belonging. She is fully supportive of the inclusive policies at LinkedIn. She is also an active member of the Outstanding network, mentoring multiple LGBT future leaders and representing LinkedIn at various events.

Simon Eaves

Senior Managing Director, Products Operating Group

Simon is the executive sponsor of the UK LGBT Allies Network where he is responsible for the strategic direction of the Allies programme and works closely with the Allies Network Leads to drive increased sign-ups and ongoing LGBT Ally engagement. Since June 2015, during his tenure, UK LGBT Ally numbers have grown from 750 to 2200 and he has worked on a 1-2-1 basis with the executive board to build their understanding of LGBT experiences in the workplace and strengthen their positions as LGBT Ally Leaders. Accenture is a Stonewall Star Performer, and as part of their position they are mentoring Sainsbury’s through their LGBT journey, where Simon took part in a panel discussion with Stonewall and LGBT activists at the launch of their Allies network. He has also been interviewed by Equal Opportunities Review, talking about best practice LGBT and Ally initiatives, a publication read by HR professionals across industry sectors.

Alex Hoctor-Duncan

Managing Director, Head of EMEA Retail

Alex has been the champion and executive sponsor of BlackRock’s LGBT, OUT network, since its founding in 2012. He is an active member of the Committee, challenging and supporting the team to drive LGBT engagement, inclusion and change. Alex is a vocal advocate for their work and activities at the senior management level as well as externally through client events. Some of the key achievements that he has championed for the network include: a change in benefit language, embedding the requirement to ask specific Diversity and LGBT questions as part of their procurement process, launching BlackRock’s LGBT Investor Pulse survey on the financial outlook of the LGBT community and acting as a catalyst to extend analysis of diversity within the firm beyond gender to include LGBT. He has also championed BlackRock’s continued membership with both Stonewall and OUTstanding as well as their annual participation in the Human Rights Campaign with a perfect score each year.

Francesco Bianco

Regional HR Director, Europe
Vodafone Group Services Ltd

As HR Director for nine European Countries Francesco has led a number of activities to encourage more explicit LGBT inclusion within Vodafone. He has established a quarterly governance forum to review D&I and specifically LGBT progress, he initiated a best practice sharing forum with Accenture and HR Directors from 13 countries including the UK. During Vodafone’s global Pride celebrations, he actively engaged nine CEO’s on LGBT inclusion and the need to increase engagement and activity. Over the last year under Francesco’s leadership, both Vodafone Greece and Czech Repuplic have received significant media attention and awards recognising their LGBT inclusion efforts. He has also provided space for his team members to take an active leadership role within the LGBT & Friends Network and for his own development, attended the Executive Sponsor training with OUTstanding earlier this year.