2016 Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

2016 sees the launch of the OUTstanding Hall of Fame; five role models who have featured in our Top 10 for the past three consecutive years.

These inspiring leaders have been advocates of OUTstanding from the beginning. They are visible champions of our work, demonstrating their commitment, year on year, for LGBT+ inclusion and workplace equality.

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Antonio Simoes

HSBC Bank plc

Building on activities from previous years, Antonio has sought to continue being a visible LGBT role model in HSBC and the wider banking and business communities, demonstrating that being gay is no bar to success. An image of him and his family was part of the social media campaign for Pride and Antonio personally emailed other participants to thank them for being role models. He also showed senior support by introducing an event for World Mental Health Day featuring LGBT mental health campaigner Jonny Benjamin talking about suicide prevention, reducing stigma round mental health. He has spoken at numerous external events on LGBT issues, including on a panel at the World Economic Forum in Davos on LGBT in the global workplace, where he called on other leaders to prioritise improving their companies for LGBT staff.  HSBC will host the Out on the Street conference in London in November, for which Antonio is the Executive sponsor. Antonio was also involved with the Stonewall Equality Index, where HSBC climbed 24 places this year and he was instrumental in the sponsorship of Pride in Birmingham, and pushing HSBC as headline sponsor for Pride in Leeds (via first direct) and Chester (via M&S Bank).

Beth Brooke-Marciniak

Global Vice Chair, Public Policy

Beth has worked extensively on LGBT inclusion within her own organisation and on a global level. Globally, she convened leaders before, during and after the World Economic Forum (Davos) to raise awareness of the value of LGBT equality to business and world economies, while activating leaders to work together on the needed changes. She also used her media platform to write, publish, and advocate advancing LGBT inclusion by telling her story. All of her efforts are focused on bringing attention and awareness to the importance of the multinational employer workplace. Within EY, Beth works with leadership to challenge EY advancement with a focus this year in the AsiaPacific region. She works to be a very visible Out senior leader across the globe to help all people know that they can succeed by being who they are. As a Global Advisory Board member of Out Leadership, she provides executive level access and advice. She also encourages EY to use their platform to support research and thought leadership such as Open For Business and the Center For Talent Innovation’s Out in the World whitepaper. She then uses her own platform to get that research profiled in places where LGBT equality is not commonly discussed, such as the WEF in Davos and the Milken Institute. In addition, she also supports other leading LGBT organisations, by speaking at their events, or writing thought pieces for them. This past year it has included the HRC Board of Directors, NGLCC founders and at the Out & Equal Summit Executive Luncheon.


Paul Reed

BP plc

Paul has run the Global Oil and Gas Trading organisation within BP since 2010 and is a strong believer in the association of diversity with high performance. He has looked to maximise his sponsorship of BP’s LGBT and ethnicity networks. Through this sponsorship he is now working with BP’s ‘Pride’ networks across the business to confront the global LGBT challenge, using the resources they have built in the UK and US to assist in countries where being LGBT is either a crime or culturally not accepted. He actively advocates LGBT inclusivity within IST. He has created talent pipelines to identify and sponsor high potential LGBT staff and he mentors the co-chairs of the BP Pride network. Under his guidance two members of Paul’s leadership team also participate by leading BP Pride networks in Singapore and the USA. He has also led the Safe Space Programme in the UK; a two-hour workshop which invites colleagues to learn of the challenges their LGBT peers face in the workplace and their personal lives, and has now had over 1,000 employees complete. Externally Paul enabled BP to be a co- sponsor of the presentation of InterEngineering’s Report ‘Tackling Homophobia in Engineering’ at the House of Commons on the initiative of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Claudia Brind-Woody

Vice President & Managing Director

Claudia is the Global Co-Chair for the IBM LGBT Executive Taskforce and an executive sponsor for the LGBT group in UK and Ireland. The taskforce has sponsored major initiatives to make the IBM workplace more welcoming to LGBT employees, including rolling out Straight Ally Training and Certification to 440,000 IBMers worldwide, rolling out an LGBT self-identification indicator in the HR systems (currently covering 80+% of IBMers) and rolling out benefit equality to LGBT IBMers worldwide (where legally possible). IBM has also partnered with many other companies to share best practices and to take a corporate stand on LGBT global issues. IBM was one of the founding members of the Stonewall Global Diversity Champions Programme and sponsors the Stonewall Leadership program. They are also active sponsors of OUTstanding, Lesbians Who Tech, OutWomen, and numerous other LGBT NGOs throughout the world. In addition her IBM Co-chair role Claudia has also served on the Board of Directors or Advisory Board of: Out & Equal Workplace Advocates (USA), Lambda Legal (USA), Workplace Pride (Netherlands), OUTstanding (UK), Wybernet (Switzerland), Stonewall Global Diversity Champions Programme (UK), GayStar News Advisory Board and Economist Pride & Prejudice Advisory Board. She has also given keynote speeches for a variety of organisations including, Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, WorkPlace Pride, Danish Trade Council, Prague Pride Business Forum, and Slovakia Business forum. She was a panellist for the Economist Pride and Prejudice event in London and is participating in Sir Richard Branson’s B-Team think tank to discuss LGBT rights in the workplace.

Anthony Watson

President & Chief Executive Officer

Anthony Watson is a leading British business and technology executive, and human and LGBT rights activist. In each of his organisations he has held leadership positions which allowed him to drive forwards LGBT+ inclusion. He has a highly public profile for both his business leadership AND LGBT global advocacy, charity and political work. He has been interviewed and profiled in many leading international publications and media outlets, including: FT, WSJ, The Economist, The Telegraph, Business Insider, London TalkRadio, The Guardian, The Times, The LA Times, The Mirror, Fox News, MSNB Europe, Sky News, Fortune, Time Magazine, Yahoo Finance, Wired, The Times, Tech Crunch and Forbes among many others. In October 2014 Anthony was placed Number 19 in Fortune Magazine’s 40 under 40, which lists the world’s most powerful C-level executives under 40; he was the only openly LGBT executive to feature. In February 2015, The Albert Kennedy Trust presented Anthony with the inaugural Paul Cottingham Award of “Diversity Champion & Campaigner Of The Year” for his services to the LGBT community and his campaigning for LGBT Youth Homelessness. In February 2016, he was appointed Chair of the British Labour Party’s Business and Enterprise Council and is a senior advisor to Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition’s Shadow Cabinet. Since 2013, Anthony has been a member of the Board of Directors, Chair of the Finance Committee and Treasurer of GLAAD the worlds largest LGBT media rights advocacy organization. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of DGS PLC, a Patron of Diversity Role Models, and until 2016 was the Chair & Head Judge of the European Diversity Awards.